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We Support Families in 3 Ways!

Parent Education

Parenting is hard work and every parent knows that!  Anyone who tells you it's easy has probably never done it.  If you are a parent, you've struggled at times in knowing what to do or how to handle difficult challenges with your kids.  Some times and situations can seem overwhelming, impossible or even traumatic.  We've discovered through interacting with many parents over many years that if they just had somewhere to go to get real answers, insight and solutions, this would make a tremendous difference for them and for their kids.  Well, welcome to YouthTopia where we provide parent education workshops for parents in their respective communities that feature respected experts as keynote speakers and teachers.  The focus of each workshop is on issues and subjects related to effective parenting practices and solution to parenting challenges.  It's just one of the ways that we provide solid, practical and tangible support to parents and families.

Parent Cafe's

Imagine a warm, cozy and friendly place where you can gather in the company of fellow parents and, under the guidance of qualified leaders, openly share and discuss your parenting experiences, challenges, needs and questions in a caring and supportive group while exchanging ideas on what works best.  Or perhaps you might find your comfort zone in simply and quietly listening to others.  Our Parent Cafe's are based upon the Five Protective Factors established and provided by Be Strong Families of Illinois.   The bottom line in a Parent Cafe' is that as a parent, you are never alone and always understood and supported.  Welcome to YouthTopia!

Family Referral Services

One of the most critical and important factors in managing a healthy family and home life is having solid, effective and reliable support systems, options and alternatives in times of need, challenge or crisis.  Whether it's housing, health care, financial support, conflict resolution or safety from danger (just to name only a few), we are committed to supporting families by providing them with a broad array of referrals to caring and resourceful organizations that effectively address a variety of needs and issues that families in need and in crisis may face.

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Sustainable well-being for youth, families & communities through innovative solutions, supportive relationship & resourceful, strategic partnership

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