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YouthTopia's purpose is to empower children and teenagers to develop strong personal character, emotional intelligence, social and academic competence.  We also work to strengthen their families by providing things such as parent education, crisis intervention and referral services.  We also seek to support, collaborate and partner with other key community leaders, stakeholders and organizations including local school leaders and administrators in order to strengthen the overall health, peace and equity in their communities.  We are committed to education and development of the whole child or teen, both personally and with their holistic context in consideration.

YouthTopia's vision is to see whole communities of children and teenagers who experience healthy formation and development and to lead them in the discovery not only of their best selves and their brightest, most purposeful future but also the experience all of this within the context of positive, healthy and peaceful relationships with their families, their peers and peer groups, their teachers and school administrators and their neighbors.

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Sustainable well-being for youth, families & communities through innovative solutions, supportive relationship & resourceful, strategic partnership

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