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No School Is An Island!

Local schools rely upon support from their surrounding communities to be effective!  School leaders simply cannot create the school climate, culture necessary to maximize effectiveness without community partners and support.  Part of our mission includes providing that support and partnership as opportunities arise.
Examples include providing and conducting a recent American Red Cross Water Safety Seminar, May 16 & 17, 2018 on the campus of Loyola University-Chicago for 80 students at nearby Gale Community Academy on the one year anniversary of the tragic drowning of one of their classmates and friend.  By seizing this opportunity and forming a 4-way partnership between YouthTopia, Gale Community Academy, Loyola University and the American Red Cross, we have made students safer in and around the water.
Other Ways We Support & Partner With Schools
We also partner with local schools by providing training and support for Social-Emotional Learning and Character Education.  This includes things such as deploying a well-trained team of mentors or tutors for after-school programming, collaborating with local school Principals to selectively enroll some of their most challenging students in our mentoring and tutoring programs that teach students Social-Emotional Learning, Character Development and superior academic skills.  We also provide workshops, classes and training for students on thing like anti-bullying, the dangers of substance abuse, parenting education for parents, guardians and family members of students as it pertains directly to school climate and culture, etc.  As a new organization, we are continually exploring and development new effective and innovative ways to augment, support and partner with local schools here in Chicago.
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Sustainable well-being for youth, families & communities through innovative solutions, supportive relationship & resourceful, strategic partnership

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