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Mentors Change Young Lives Forever!

The Challenge
Research and statistics have proven more than ever today that one of the most critically important things missing from the lives of children and teens is healthy relationships with caring, trustworthy and reliable adult role models.  Those  relationships are absolutely vital to their overall development and self-efficacy.  Today, so many of our youth face the painful reality of one or more parents being missing from their lives.  In many cases, the parents who are in their lives may not be able to provide them with the love, care, guidance and attention they need.  Many youth also experience abuse, neglect or abandonment.  All of these things can leave them groping in desperation both psychologically and emotionally with unresolved and unhealed inner pain, anger, fear and trying to figure life out on their own terms.  This almost always leads many to risky, self-destructive and even violent thinking and behavior patterns as well as damaging relationships, all of which they carry into adulthood.  It undermines their character development, their social-emotional formation and mental health.
The Solution
Imagine a world where children and teens who are in need have full access to healthy, caring, trustworthy, committed and well-trained adult Mentors.  YouthTopia provides just that as a very unique and innovative solution in the form of a very highly specialized mentoring program!  We very carefully recruit, screen, select, train and prepare high quality adult mentors.  We train them in the basics of child and teen character education, development and social-emotional learning.  We train them in mentoring best practices and advanced childcare.  We then carefully match them with children and teens who are in need in a group/team mentoring program where safety and accountability are guaranteed and we lead youth in our program on a clear guided path toward greater, social, emotional, competence, mental health and character development.
The Opportunity
If you are interested in either becoming one of Mentoring Specialists or if you are a parent interested registering your child or teen in our program, please complete the contact form below and tell us in the message box how we can best help you:
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Sustainable well-being for youth, families & communities through innovative solutions, supportive relationship & resourceful, strategic partnership

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