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Tutoring for Academic Competence!

The Need

Through on-going research, education experts are discovering that many of today's tutoring programs revolve primarily around homework help and test preparation.  While such things are obviously important, they are yet only peripheral to the more important foundational and core issues of academic development such as critical-thinking, problem solving, cognitive learning skills, reading comprehension and retention, study habits and strategies and individual learning styles, their social-emotional learning (SEL), etc.  These are examples of some of the real issues that underpin and are causative to students academic performance in the classroom.  However, classroom teachers are often too overwhelmed to be able to provide the special and individual attention that many students so desperately need in order to be led and guided in their development in these areas.  Schools normally lack the sheer numbers in qualified staff members that would be necessary to provide that kind of specialized attention for so many students who need it, not to mention the necessary funding to support that.  As a result, countless numbers of young students struggle through a very difficult and unpleasant school experience in which they only end up frustrated, discouraged and falling behind.  Many often never fully develop the skills and aptitudes necessary to succeed in school, in college or eventually in the work force as adults.  Their best destinies and potential success is thereby sadly undermined.

The Answer

Imagine a world where young students have full access to well-trained and highly specialized tutors as Academic Development Specialists who have been trained to understand the basics of deeper and more foundational core competencies like critical-thinking, problem solving and cognitive learning skills, reading comprehension and retention, study habits and strategies, individual learning styles, social-emotional learning (SEL), etc., and who are equipped with the latest in intervention skills and instructional strategies to empower students in their core academic competencies and their acquisition of academic aptitudes and skills that are foundational to academic performance, success and confidence!  Welcome to YouthTopia!  This is precisely what we provide!  We very carefully and selectively recruit, screen, train, equip and deploy Academic Development Specialists who provide tutoring on a whole new level. 

The Opportunity

If you are either interested in learning more about becoming one of our Academic Development Specialists or if you are the parent or guardian of a student who needs these services, please complete the contact form below for more information and follow up:

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